Your spirit is an artist, Art of Energy Podcast #7

The Art of Energy Podcast is about awareness of energy, spiritual growth, healing, and being psychic.

You already create your life with energy, everyday. When you do it consciously, you create more of what you want. The Art of Energy Podcast was published beginning in May 2014 and ran for 42 episodes.

Episode #7 : Your Spirit is an Artist

Your spirit is an artist that creates you and your life. It’s your job to become who you are, and to learn what that is. You are unique in all of time, and nobody else can create you, except for you. This is your job, to find out who you are, and to become yourself.

Your spirit is an artist, and your life is your art. Your spirit needs enough energy and space in order to make it easy for you to create your life.

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Mentioned in this episode of the Art of Energy Podcast:

-Carry a small journal with you everywhere you go, in order to capture your brilliant ideas, what if’s, and explorations. Write down what your intuition tells you. Keep track of the good information you are giving to yourself, and that you are receiving.
-Create more space for your artistic spirit by meditating and clearing out the noise you carry around with you that gets in the way of having the space and energy you need in order to create your life.

©Kris Cahill, Art of Energy Podcast

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