Your daily practice allows you to focus, direct, and change your life

A daily practice is an awareness tool that helps you focus your energy more consciously.

Where you put your energy is where you create. Having a daily practice for yourself makes it possible for you to aim and place your energy where you want it, instead of where you don’t.

Your daily practice can help you to achieve your goals by redirecting the unconscious actions and habits that scatter you and leave you feeling unfocused and ungrounded.

If you want to turn your ship around in a new direction, instead of continuing to follow along in the wake of others, it’s time to create the space for your daily practice. If you keep running into the same old frustrating patterns in your life, try something new so you can change that old energy out.

Reasons to craft a daily practice for yourself:

  • You can deprogram yourself from unwanted habits. Old habits die hard, and can affect every aspect of your life, including your money, career, relationships, health and body image, diet, exercise, permission to be you. If something you’re holding onto doesn’t allow you to grow or be who you are in present time, look into moving the energy by bringing in some new tools and skills. This works well for releasing the unconscious energies that control your ability to be how you want to be.
  • Reprogram yourself with new more conscious habits. Ask yourself what you do want, and write it down. Be honest, this isn’t the time to go for what you think you should want, but to listen to your truth and that inner voice that’s been speaking out for a while about what you’d really like to have. Do you want more time by yourself, away from email and internet, or out in nature? Are you trying to create better habits around money and spending and finances? It takes practice and repeated action to make something new stick and become real, but first you must be honest about what you really want, or you won’t be able to make that change happen. If you don’t know what you want, your next step is to find out.
  • Get unstuck. Sometimes you will get stuck no matter how good you are. Stuff happens, and stuck energy appears out of seemingly nowhere. Being stuck may be a sign that it’s time to change up your routine a bit. Could be the old practice no longer works, or you need some alone time, a vacation, or new surroundings. You can have new surroundings even if you don’t go very far. Do something new today, have an adventure in your own town, go someplace different, see with fresh eyes.
  • Create what you do want, instead of continuing to create more of what you don’t. If you hear yourself saying things like “I’m no good at this”, “I’m terrible with money”, “I always manage to screw that up”, start listening consciously. Do you really want to continue programming yourself with these negative self defeating commands? A daily practice can help you gently move the old negativity out. Replace those old messages with more positive affirmations.
  • Get new ideas moving and complete projects that aren’t. Clear out the self sabotage, the resistance, and the muddy unfocused painful energy of “I should”. A daily practice can help you to release anxiety and fears around taking new steps in your life, or even just walking away from something that no longer serves you.

Who has a daily practice? Musicians, psychics, dancers, healers, writers, artists, speakers, teachers, jugglers, athletes, performers and creators of all kinds. Practice makes it easier to act, and to become what you want to be.

Get some tools for your daily practice:

Invest in good tools: take a meditation or exercise class, learn how to use EFT (tapping), get your daily yoga on. Schedule a window of time in your day that is just for you and your practice, and then show up for it.

Don’t make your daily practice a place where you solve problems for others or the world, and it’s not about working either. It’s about showing up for yourself.

A daily practice is a spiritual practice, an investment in yourself. This is a way to put your own energy first in your life, to get to know yourself so that you know where you want to focus your energy.

It’s not about sitting and mulling over where you went wrong or how stuck you’re feeling, it’s about taking actions that can help you change the energy in you, and that you are in, so that you’re able to find your own true path.

When you show up regularly for yourself, more of you is able to show up. It gets easier, and pretty soon you miss your practice if you skip even one day. A daily practice can be as simple as sitting down to meditate first thing in the morning, your tea and journal standing by.

Some things you may want to include in your daily practice:

Honesty, a good attitude, the ability to let go, forgiveness, amusement, and a willingness to change. Other tools that can help you reset any vibration of energy you’re done hanging out with include affirmations, grounded meditation, mock-ups, writing, morning pages, prayer, daily walks, focusing on what you do want, dancing, listening to inspiring music, and reading books that help you see things from a different perspective.

A daily practice doesn’t have to be in isolation. Your daily practice might mean you give to someone, or find gratitude, or call someone daily to tell them how much they mean to you.

Don’t overthink it, variety is good. Clear resistance about having a daily routine by embracing variety, just showing up for yourself is the key.

Your daily practice can help you to be in present time, which is the only place where you get to choose, change, grow, and create something new.

©Kris Cahill
Image found at Unsplash


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