You are psychic

You are already psychic. Perhaps you’ve heard this before, or thought of it yourself?

If not, then allow me to introduce you to the concept, the very idea, that you may be a Psychic. With a capital P.

Scared? I hope not, as it’s not my intention to frighten anyone here. After all, Being Psychic is scary enough already. You no doubt frighten people every day, even if you don’t know you’re doing so. That may be a good thing.

Many people are scared of psychics, and give us special powers that they don’t see themselves having. The word ‘psychic’ frightens people who don’t see psychic abilities as being normal and human, or who were taught that being psychic is wrong or evil.

Not to mention that being a professional psychic comes along with some baggage, in the form of an old disreputable reputation.

There are people who call themselves ‘psychics’ who take advantage of people.

Yes they do still exist, and they use their abilities to put fear into people so they can fleece them. I’ve worked with many of their ‘victims’, helping people to release the fear of a curse or bad luck, etc.

The scam psychic will find your weakest most vulnerable place and throw enough fear on it to keep you coming back in order to have the ‘curse’ lifted.

I personally know people who have been controlled by unscrupulous psychics. When they were going through some very tough times they gave up power to people only too happy to take advantage of them. These psychics were mere con artists, not spiritual in the least.

There is no curse. You’ve just been had, but you’re no victim here.

Part of why you created this experience for yourself is so that you’d start being in charge of your own abilities. Are you ready?

By the way, there are corrupt bankers, corporations, police officers, lawyers, doctors, political leaders, and priests who do the same thing: they lie to you in order to control you. This does not make all bankers, cops, lawyers, business people, doctors, politicians, and priests bad or evil.

There are some who abuse their authority, and there are others who are for real and have a more positive intention. Being able to identify the scam artists here also helps you get your space and listen to your own truth and abilities.

Try this: ask yourself, are you being told the truth?

What does your body feel like when you are told something by another person? What information do you get when you look for yourself, within? Knowing the difference between the truth and a lie is a great big plus that comes with using your psychic abilities in your daily life.

It’s difficult for outside forces to control you if you know who and where you are.

The greatest psychic ability is the ability to know yourself. If you depend on others to tell you who you are, you will not know your own truth.

On the other hand, many people want their answers handed to them. Some psychics (teachers, doctors, gurus, leaders, etc…) will tell you they have your answers. You don’t have to do the work, because they’ve already done it for you.

They are lying. Nobody can do this for you.

You can get some helpful training, guidance, and information from great teachers and leaders, but it is up to you to do your own work. Being psychic, you do have that power, deep within you. It may not be a practice you embrace yet, but you can.

If you read this blog regularly, you know that one of my main themes is this: know and love yourself. All else follows. That is your life’s work.

Because you are human, you were born with psychic abilities, just as you were born with senses. Your abilities, like your 5 senses, allow you to learn more about yourself and your world, to do your work.

People have been digging deeper in recent times, making sure they are not forgetting about any of their own resources. They are trying to make the most of the resources they do have, not just money but skills and talents. Everything counts.

Are you making use of your richest resource, namely yourself?

Your own spirit is the most valuable thing you own, along with your body, which is the most valuable thing you’ve created. The world you can create just from having command of these resources has no limits. There is no competition at all when you are truly being yourself.

If you haven’t done so lately, why not try this: sit still, ground yourself, and begin looking within. Find out what you are all about. Begin that great, never ending adventure, deep into the center of yourself.

©Kris Cahill
‘Water Drop’ ©Morast at Morguefile


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