Who (or what) is in charge of your prosperity?

Are you the one who decides your prosperity?

Prosperity is a spiritual energy, one that you can decide for yourself. What you create with your spirit, leads into the rest of your life.

When you work consciously on creating your pictures of what prosperity means to you, instead of adopting other people’s opinions, fears, and beliefs, you’ll be less affected by the highs and lows of the marketplace.

When you face yourself, look honestly within, and decide what is true for you, it becomes easier to create what you want.

When you know yourself as already having value, prosperity follows.

Prosperity is not all about money, though it’s true that money can be a part of it. Money is a symbol, and sometimes it symbolizes prosperity. However, there are many people on earth with plenty of money who don’t know they are prosperous, in fact, many of them are pretty miserable.

As the documentary film ‘Happy‘ shows us all, money is not the thing that makes us happy.

Here’s a few questions to ask yourself about prosperity.

Do you believe your ability to prosper is controlled by those around you, by the economy, bankers, the marketplace?

Do you feel like your prosperity is out of your control?

Do you take into account your relationships, physical and emotional health, and creativity, when you look at your prosperity? If you are reading this, you certainly have access to a computer, and you know how to read. This, too, is part of your prosperity.

Do you become fearful when the market drops, or negative economic indicators are forecast or reported? Does the news out there shake your foundation within?

What is real to you, whose information are you making real? The TV news, the bankers, the people who control the economy? What are you matching to? Or do you trust your spirit and listen within?

Prosperity is a game we all play.

If you decide to play the game your way, that is, from a place of conscious awareness within yourself, if you decide to heal your own prosperity and stop worrying about what others are matching to, you change it.

By becoming conscious of how the energy in and around you affects what happens to you, you can affect your own bottom line and ability to feel and become prosperous.

You change what is by being in your truth. What if you were to decide that prosperity is your truth?

We can do business on Earth together, in a conscious, sustainable way.

We do have enough to go around, if we learn how to share our earth peacefully.

Conscious business comes from the truth of “we”, from cooperating and working together, from helping each other.

Your prosperity consciousness begins within you, deep in your spirit. When you do this work yourself, you will influence others to do the same, and who knows – we could create something beautiful together!

©Kris Cahill
Painting: ‘Embracing the Dark’ ©Kris Cahill


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