What is spiritual freedom?

The freedom to be healthy in body, mind, spirit, to have health on all levels of being, is all about spiritual freedom. It begins in your spirit.

There are certain freedoms we each take for granted in our lives each day. While you would certainly defend your right to make your own choices, because they are a given for you, there may be other places where you haven’t yet freed yourself.

Spiritual freedom is the first step.

Freedom means different things to different people. The key is to find out what it means to you, and to have that for yourself.

  • Do you have the freedom to believe what you want, and to live and love as you choose?
  • Do you have the freedom to ground yourself, and to let go of energies that don’t work for you?
  • How about the freedom to feel well and to be happy, even if others don’t or can’t?

Other freedoms to look at include the freedom to create your own creations, to express yourself, speak your truth, live your life for yourself.

Can you know your own value, and have relationships in which your value is seen, in which you are treated respectfully?

Having spiritual freedom also means that you allow others the freedom to make their own choices, even if those choices look terrible to you.

If you have needed to fix, heal, and solve for others, you are in their space, trying to do their work for them.

You are getting in the way of that person or those people learning how to do this for themselves. Step away, allow them the same spiritual freedom, and you gain more of it in return.

Spiritual freedom isn’t about controlling, it’s about letting go.

As you become more senior in your own space, and in your own life, your life becomes just that, your life, and you can allow others to lead their lives their way.

Meditation is a helpful tool to practice on the path to enjoying your spiritual freedom.

When you give yourself the space to meditate, you have more room to get to know yourself.

When you make your life about you, it begins from the spirit of you. When you mind your own business, you give others the freedom to make their lives about themselves.

Each of us has the right to have a space, and when you find yours, you gain a whole new freedom. There is nothing else like it!

©Kris Cahill
‘Pattern in Nature’ ©Tanakawho


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