What happens when you believe in yourself?

When you choose to believe in yourself, you’re ignoring the status quo that says you require approval from others in order to proceed with your belief in you.

Following the rules (someone else’s rules) isn’t on your agenda. Your spirit is self employed, and you’re following your internal truth. You’re not taking memos from others.

You evolve this way, just by choosing to believe in you. A belief in yourself is a positive ‘yes!’ to your spirit and its ability to move you in your life. Trust and faith are present and working their magic.

Like a flower in the sun, you open up to receive your own warm beautiful light that is effortlessly shining down upon you.

Even if you’ve failed epically, you can choose to turn it all around by having a devout belief in yourself. If you own the failure, admit it, and let it go, you’ll create a whole new reality.

Note: This may take some time, and you might need to wallow in it for a bit. Don’t be harsh on yourself if this is the case. You might have a lot of grief to get through and send packing. You can’t rush this healing, but you can choose to accept that it is here.

Imagine you’re giving birth to a newer more evolved version of yourself. It’s pretty hard to stop giving birth while one is in the middle of doing so – ask anyone with experience at giving birth.

Go with it, allow for its messiness. It’s going to be messy. Hunker down with the new growth, and if you’re feeling super sensitive during this, don’t beat yourself up.

Trust this process you’re in. It’s probably not fun, but if you welcome and allow it, this will be one of the defining moments in your life. Welcome it with open arms. Trust that you’re on the right path, even if you can’t see two feet in front of you.

This is where that trust and faith energy comes in again. Just as you wouldn’t dream of telling a woman who’s giving birth to Stop!, you probably can’t command this new growth either.

You can welcome it, and do your best to enjoy the ride. Congratulations – you’re growing!

It’s times like this when you might feel like you have no reason to have a positive attitude about yourself. Choosing to have one anyway is your best revolutionary choice.

Nobody grows from sitting in a steady stream of self inflicted abuse, self judgment, and punishment.

If you’re walking on your true path, your life is a constant creation, orchestrated by you. In other words, there’s no map. You’re forging the path ahead, and sometimes it feels like you’re walking through a haunted forest, at night, without a light to guide you. Spooky things are waiting to pounce on you.

This is when faith and trust in yourself really come in handy. It gets really hard on that path sometimes. You might keep looking for road signs that will helpfully guide you along the path, but they don’t exist, outside of yourself that is.

Those road signs exist within you. In your trust and faith in yourself.

Let go of control, please.

Why does anyone try to control? In order to be safe. It’s like saying “I don’t trust that I am supported or that my spirit has got this one covered. I need to control this so that I’m assured of the correct outcome.”.

Except that you aren’t. There’s no guarantees, ever, on planet Earth. A lot of things you think are a given are things you believe, or have a picture about, whether true or not*. Control is an illusion, and when you try to control things happening outside of yourself, you are spending a lot of your precious energy in a futile pursuit.


Think of the people you’ve tried to control for so many years, or the events you were convinced had to be perfect. Did all that control work?

Create a new habit – believe in yourself.

Even if you don’t think you have much reason to have faith in you, you still can do it. Sometimes it’s profoundly difficult to step into a new way of seeing yourself. It’s those times when you’re grasping at solutions, when you feel stuck and have no ideas which way to turn, that you find the lies and stuck energy that you’ve allowed to hold you back.

You can forgive yourself for being a flawed human, and realize that all the stuck energy is helping you to become conscious and grow into your true self. You can choose to create a new habit of belief and trust in yourself.

Believe in yourself and believe in magic. –Theophilus London

©Kris Cahill
Image: ‘Flower Noir’ ©George Hodan on PublicDomainPictures.net

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