What happens when you know your value?

When you know your value, others will know it too.

This is because when you have permission to value yourself, you give other people permission as well. If you know your value for yourself, you’ve already decided it exists.

If, on the other hand, you don’t see your value, and are waiting for everyone around you to find it for you and convince you that it’s real, you will be waiting a long time.

Others notice the frequency you tune your vibration into. If you vibrate at the energy of value and permission to have value, you are sending out a signal to everyone around you. It’s energy, and we all notice the energy of others.

It’s like tuning into a radio station: in order to hear the station clearly, you must adjust your radio to the frequency on the dial where that station lives. Whatever you set your own personal vibration to, is the ‘station’ that others tune themselves into.

When you consciously know your value, everyone else gets to know it too.

They’ll line up to that energy you have set, because they don’t have a choice. You are constantly teaching others about how they should see and treat you, by the vibration you set.

Each of us communicates to the world around us, without saying a word. We all have energy pictures of who we are and what we are capable of. We see and communicate through these pictures, even if we’re not conscious of doing so.

You and I will respond to each other’s self image pictures, often unconsciously. People who are able to adjust their own energy so that they are seen the way they’d like to be seen, do very well for themselves. These same people tend to be good at reading how others are setting their energy.

Is your value based on what you do for everyone else?

Sometimes people can value you for your skills, knowledge, or what you can do for them. Do you feel truly valued in these interactions?  If it’s all about what you can do for others, do you get to be seen and valued just for being you?

If you’ve been flailing away trying to get others to see your value and they’re just not doing so, you may want to take a step back, stop being in effort over this, and regroup.

The communication you send to others can be that you know your value, and that if they want to enjoy your energy they get to line up to what you’re setting for yourself. This is a spiritual agreement, and it begins within you.

If you’ve wanted to raise your value, begin by knowing it for yourself. Make a new agreement with yourself. You are the only person who gets to decide your value.

©Kris Cahill

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