What kind of energy runs through you, body and spirit?

Are you aware of the vibration of energy you’re running through yourself right now?

Energy runs through you daily; one vibration of energy or another flows through you all day long. Sometimes you may have several different energies at once vying for your attention, and your space.

Energy is everywhere: in other people, situations, news reports, schools, jobs, nature, traffic. Everyone and everything is made of energy, and each of us has a unique vibration.

The energies you run into throughout your day can and do affect you. Maybe the reason why you avoid certain people, experiences, or situations is because of the energy you pick up around them. You might have noticed that your energy is depleted or compromised around certain people. Perhaps someone else always makes you laugh and you feel better and more happily energized after seeing them.

It’s normal and human to have energy running through you.

The energy you run can be an emotion, thought, agreement, picture, or belief. When you choose the kind of energy you want to have, your ‘reality’ changes, because the energy you run through you helps create the reality you experience.

You have your own unique energy too, it’s what makes you, truly you.

Energy is fuel. Your body, emotions, mind, and spirit all need enough fuel in order to work well. You always have a vibration of energy running through you. The quality of that vibration determines how you feel and what you are able to create.

When you want to create your life your way, it becomes increasingly important for you to run energies through you that support and nourish your choices, healing, and creations.

When you become aware of your own energy, what it is and also what it isn’t, it’s easier to consciously choose to run energy through yourself that works better for you. The only energy that works well inside of you is your very own. Yes, it’s your unique brand of energy that heals you and helps you to feel great, and it’s one of a kind.

Do you know which energies you have allowed into your space?

Believe it or not, you may be running the energy of the city you live in through you, right now. You could also be running that difficult meeting with your boss, the bad news you heard on the radio, and some family pain, just to top it off. You can be running a highly charged toxic feeling energy through yourself. You could be doing all of this and not even be aware of it.

Even if you’re careful about exercise, sleep, and the food you eat, you could still be taking on toxic energies from what’s happening around you, and running them through your own energy system. If you find yourself feeling tired and depleted, it could be due to whatever you took on and are running through yourself right now.

You have an energy system.

Built into your body and spirit is a complex and detailed spiritual, or energetic, system. This system includes your channels, chakras, and aura. Whatever energies you pick up end up in your energy system, and affect your body. Energy that shows up in the body begins in your spirit. Energy = spirit, they are the same thing.

In order to fully access your spirit in your life, it’s necessary to remove energies that aren’t you, the ones that you’ve been carrying around with you. All of that built up energy can really add some heaviness to your spirit, weighing it down and making it tough to access your abilities.

Imagine allowing your computer’s hard drive to fill completely up, or never getting your car’s oil changed. These machines won’t work well for long unless you care for them and clean them out from time to time. The same is true of you – spirit, body, mind.

Grounding yourself helps you to heal.

Grounded meditation gives you a way to release the energies you took on that aren’t you. It’s easy, fun, and feels good to ground yourself. Grounding gets the ball rolling, as well as the energy moving!

There are many techniques you can learn to help you become aware of energy. Running energy is a method of cleaning out your channels, chakras, aura, and body, by running neutral earth and cosmic energies through you. Doing this helps you clear out deeply caught and stuck energies, and makes room for you to run your own true vibration. This is one of my very favorite techniques for changing out and cleaning up the energy system.

Practicing running energy in your daily meditation helps you to have more energy, happier feelings and emotions, and to free yourself of all the unwanted stresses you’ve been running. Your body also heals deeply when you run energy. This technique is taught in the Psychic Meditation 1 Class, which I teach. (Contact me if you’re interested in learning more.)

When you become conscious of energy, and learn how to choose the energies you run through yourself with awareness, it’s much more fun for you to be you.

©Kris Cahill
Image from PublicDomainPictures.net

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