Waking up can be an alarming proposition

small-green-alarm-clock-georgehodan-pdpWhat shakes up when you wake up?

If it’s been feeling like an earthquake is happening even when the ground isn’t rocking, you are noticing the effects of huge change. This change is happening not just Out There but inside of you. You are in the process of waking up.

It’s time for a new way of doing business. The old structures are crumbling, mostly because we humans are done with them. We’ve learned what we created them to learn, and now we get to create new structures, and live in a new way, based on the information we have gleaned from the old.

You may already have noticed that there is a lot of resistance to doing this.

The old structures that are crumbling include but are not limited to: organized religion, the nuclear family, the traditional roles of men and women, business, government, finances, and our relationship to and use of the earth.

Before you get all concerned about our “way of life” going away, ask yourself, are you living life the way you really want to? Wouldn’t it be lots of fun to live on a planet where humans can see each other and care about each other, simply because we are all human beings? Actually, more people are willing and able to do this all the time.

It could be positively delightful to wake up tomorrow and see that many others had also decided to wake up, and to begin using their power to make change happen that actually makes sense. There is such a lie that we only have so much, and must give up human needs like clean unpoisoned food, air, water, quality health care and education, because there is a budget to balance, or a profit to make.

Can you imagine creating schools that teach children about people and ecology – and not as the other, but as part of a great big human family? Also included would be classes in empathy, self acceptance, forgiveness, and love. Creativity and self expression would be a major part of that school day, as well as meditation, critical thinking, science, nutrition, and physical exercise.

Priorities would shift in a major way, if we decided to shift them.

This change begins within each one of us. Babies are not born hating each other or wanting to turn a profit at the expense of the earth and other humans. Of course, each human being has free will and the ability to choose which direction he or she will go. And will you use your powers for good or for evil?

This could be the future earth, a place where we can actually discover that great as yet still undiscovered frontier – ourselves, our spirits, our true power and the many abilities that lie within each of us. But first we have to wake up, and the time to do so is right now.

“If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there’d be peace.” -John Lennon

©Kris Cahill
‘Green Alarm Clock’ ©George Hodan on PublicDomainPictures.net

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