The first chakra: safety, stability and belonging

The first chakra is an energy center that contains important information about being secure, stable, protected, and grounded.

Located against your spine at the tailbone, this is the chakra to ground to the earth when you sit down to meditate.

A grounded first chakra helps you to feel safe, and when you are safe you can create, grow, and release any unwanted energy you’re through with.

Having permission to ground yourself gives you the freedom to be who you are, live how you want to live, have health on every level of being, and feel like you belong, no matter where on earth you are.

This information is valuable, because in order to create your life, you need to feel secure and safe enough to do so. It’s hard to grow and change if you are constantly feeling unsafe – you’ll have a difficult time trying new things, and having your other abilities on and working for you.

It is the first chakra part of you that makes it possible for you to be safe enough to turn on your psychic abilities. It’s easier to be psychic and turn on those sensitive higher parts of yourself if your body feels safe and comfortable.

If you don’t have access to your own 1st chakra, your abilities may be difficult for you to have for your own use. You might find it hard to control them – for example, many people are very psychic but are frightened of being so because it feels out of control to them. If you can ground yourself, it’s easier to let go of that fear and enjoy your own energy.

When the information in your first chakra is yours, it’s much easier to create your life your way.

If you’ve got information in your first chakra that doesn’t belong to you, you may find it difficult and frustrating to manifest what you want, or to feel good in your own body. You might pick up other people’s fears, unconsciousness, or pain and without meaning to, carry it around in your first chakra.

Grounding can help you to release those energies that aren’t yours, making it easier to have more of what is.

Your first chakra helps you to create the grounding in your life: shelter, food, career/job, finances, and so on. If you’ve had difficulty creating comfortably on this level, it’s not because your first chakra is flawed. You may be holding onto some energies that have gotten in the way of you accessing your own abilities.

By learning more about your own energy, you can begin to release those energies that aren’t yours, and start to have your first chakra working well for you.

One of the best ways to begin this process is to practice grounded meditation, also known as psychic meditation.

This form of meditation helps you to bring your body and spirit together, and it all begins with your energy awareness and grounding.

Grounding is something that you already know how to do, as a being. When you take time to ground yourself daily, you learn more about being a spiritual being in a body, and this in turn affects your whole experience of being alive.

©Kris Cahill
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