Stillness opens the door to vision and genius

Finding stillness in your inside world leads you to new awareness, inside and out.

If there is a demand for you to constantly “do” something, it can be difficult to have an awareness of what exists all around you.

The need to be constantly doing helps people to escape from being, feeling, and experiencing, which is the point, as if one were running away from something. Oh, those pesky feelings! Doing can be an addiction, one that is easily fed in today’s world of non-stop activity.

When’s the last time someone asked you, “who are you being?” instead of “what have you been doing?”

You are supposed to be doing something, and to be able to answer for yourself when asked what that something is. That something you are doing becomes your identity, and to many people, a title or description is required also; “doctor, agent, lawyer, mother, etc…”.

Many people become nervous when asked to just sit still and be, and it can be exhausting to be around someone who has no still point within him or herself.

People become uncomfortable with inactivity for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to: fear of loss of control, new revelations which may be unwelcome, fear of letting others down and then being judged harshly, and invalidation.

So this unconscious doing prevents you from acquiring the information and skills you need to give yourself permission to consciously create more space and peace for yourself. In other words, if you do not take the time to be, you will never know what you are missing. Kind of a vicious circle, isn’t it?

There is a big difference between consciously acting, and unconsciously doing.

What if you didn’t play that game anymore, the doing game? What if you listened instead to your own voice and more consciously spoke about what and who you are being? You can begin with speaking to yourself.

What if you didn’t care what others thought, or how they judged you? Much of that judgment may even be self inflicted.

It is difficult to control a person who has decided to become, to practice acceptance, forgiveness, and love of the self. When you decide to become, you begin to create from your spirit, and your vision increases.

You also become healing to be around, without having to do one thing differently, other than Be. Your own genius now has the space to grow.

©Kris Cahill
Image: ‘Reach Skyward’ on Flickr

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