Reinvent yourself from the ground up

If you’ve been waiting until the time was right to reinvent yourself, what are you waiting for?

There has never been a more perfect time than now.

If you’ve been waiting for permission to grow, consider announcing to yourself that the time is now. You don’t have to say anything to anyone else if you don’t want to.

You don’t have to make it nice and explain yourself and your changes. Just do them.

Sometimes people wait to take big steps until they’re certain that others won’t notice, or mind, or get upset that they are changing. Any little change you make will be noticed energetically by those near and dear to you.

Do it anyway, reinvent away. Whose life are you living?

Taking any step, no matter how small, in the direction of yourself will help you to take the next one, and the one after that. Action speaks louder than words, and getting a momentum going will get you moving.

Reinventing yourself is completely up to you.

If you’ve been waiting for everything to settle down for others, or for it to be your turn, it’s time to get very honest with yourself. Does it ever really settle down, and when was the last time anyone turned to you and said, “okay, it’s your turn”?

If you are creating changes that upset the status quo, overturn the apple cart, or destroy the convenience you created for others, nobody is going to willingly ask you to change.

You are responsible for doing it yourself. Yes, you are the only one who can do this.

You may have been waiting until you knew what you wanted to become or do. Meanwhile you’re allowing everything that isn’t working for you to stay safely in place, distracting you and using your energy until you just don’t have enough left to create the new you.

Here’s what is necessary in order to reinvent yourself: you must let go of the old ways of being that are no longer working for you.

Fashions change, and it’s a safe bet that you’re not wearing the same clothes now that you wore 20 years ago.

You already have permission to change as fashions do, but what about changing yourself to become interesting and exciting again to you?

Destruction is the key to making space enough to do this. In order to create anything new, you need enough room for it to grow. It’s time to let go of some of that old energy that isn’t working anymore. Do it with love.

Remember that not everyone welcomes change or destruction of the old, and that you don’t have to get approval from anyone, not even your best friends, before taking the plunge into your own brave new future.

If not now, when?

©Kris Cahill
‘What Is It?’ ©Karas Cahill on Flickr


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