Present time is healing for you

The present time is the place to be.

The right time to do anything you choose to do is now, in present time. The best time to create something new is right here. The correct moment in which to be yourself is this one.

The only time to let go and forgive is in this moment. Right now is the time to change, choose, smile, breathe, feel, be.

If you’ve been waiting around for the proper timing, and it never seems to come, you might have left yourself in the past somewhere.

Where? Perhaps you left some of your energy in an old self identity, a former job, a relationship that’s over. Maybe you had a really good time in college and haven’t finished with it yet, even if your college days are long gone.

The only problem with this is that the past is gone. You can’t do anything yesterday, you already did it.

It can be a challenge to bring yourself back to now.

If you put your identity into your career or job and it went away, you might feel a bit lost until you can create something new to identify yourself with.

Anytime you leave yourself behind, whether because you had such a good time that it was hard to leave, or you had a difficult time that was hard to shake, you are not in present time.

The problem with leaving yourself behind is that you don’t have that energy available to create with now. If part of you is still stuck in the past, you’re not here now to create all the new stuff you want to have.

This is the only time you can create something new – right here, right now.

Leaving your energy behind can be tiring too – it takes energy to create your life, every day. Your energy is a precious resource, and only you can do the work of getting you back again. If you’re feeling like something is missing, you could be right. It might be you.

The future’s not here yet.

Instead of leaving it behind in the past, you may have put your energy out into the future. Or, you could have done both, so now you’re all over the place.

If you put your energy out into the things you will be doing, the places you want to go, the relationships, money, career, and home you want to have, you might have forgotten that this is the time in which you have the power to create all of that stuff.

Putting your energy out ahead of you will have the same effect that leaving it behind in the past does – you won’t have it here with you.

This is the time in which to create your future.

How do you get your energy back into present time?

Start by becoming conscious of where you are now. Sit down in a quiet place, free of distractions. Close your eyes, go within, and ask yourself where you are, right now.

Listen: you might find that you’re still in yesterday, or even last week. You can be many places at once, past, present, and future.

Meditation helps you to practice being here now. The point of meditating is to have communication within yourself. Even if it’s just for a few minutes a day, a regular meditation practice can help you to become more aware of where you are, right now.

Grounding can be part of your meditation practice, and will allow you the freedom and ease of letting go of energy you’re done with.

It could be that you brought the past along with you and want to release it safely. Grounding makes this possible. Grounding is a technique that allows you to connect your body to the earth, helps you to feel safe and calm, and allows you to let go of any energy you want to release.

Meditation will also help you to learn what your own energy is, and also what it isn’t.

By practicing regular grounded meditation, you’ll begin to know the difference. This allows you to know what you want to let go of, and when you let go of energy that’s in your way, you heal yourself.

©Kris Cahill
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