The opportunity to grow and change is why you’re here

You chose to have a body this lifetime in order to experience, grow, and change.

There is no mistake as to why you showed up now. You arrived on earth at a time of deep lasting spiritual evolution so that you’d have lots of room to grow. Even if you have no idea how you’ll do this, don’t worry! You already are.

We all change, whether we like it or not. Our bodies constantly change, and we all accept this as being normal. The attitude we have with the inevitable and natural changes within and around us, determines how we experience the growth we are having.

Even when you try to stay the same, you can’t.

With this in mind, it’s funny to see people resist the changes that are happening within and all around them.

Every generation that’s ever been born has changed the culture in which they live.

They do this without even trying, they do it just by showing up. It’s built into their spiritual agreements about being here. So it’s extra funny how the generations coming before them sometimes criticize the changes the younger generations create.

Nostalgic talk about the “good old days” shows up during times of deep transformation on earth, usually from people who do not want anything to change. Political parties and candidates who are stumping for votes are well aware of who their base is and how they vote. Many people want transformation and evolution, and many do not.

People start wars over agreements about changing or staying the same.

However, if every generation was exactly the same as the ones that came before, there’d be no point to being here at all. Change would not happen, and we would not grow. Stagnation would result.

Evolution is necessary for life to continue. It’s time to evolve wisely.

A lack of change equals a whole lot of boredom. Your brain would atrophy from nothing new coming in. With no new influences or challenges facing you, you would not grow.

But you might be able to fool yourself into believing that you are Safe.

This may help explain why so many people do not welcome Change. You probably handle a few demands that you stay the same. According to these demands, you should remain exactly as you are, don’t move, be still, don’t go changing.

When you choose to grow and change, you affect every single person around you. Even people you don’t know personally are affected on some level by your decision to grow. I’m affected by it, even if you and I have never met. Why? Because when you choose to grow, your vibration changes. Without trying too hard, you’re un-matching from an old vibration you’d been in before you changed. Perhaps it was a vibration others around you were in too.

Here’s what happens when you change: everyone around you has to adjust, to you at this new vibration.

This is not a problem, and in fact may even be the agreement you made with others around you. Now that you’ve grown, they may have permission to do the same. But it’s always up to them to choose this.

In psychic speak, a growth period is a time of accelerated growth.

Your spirit has taken a big step, and your body is catching up. As you become adjusted to the new that you are having, your life changes too. When you choose to grow consciously, you create beautiful changes in your everyday life.

When you understand that your growth is your business, and that others have to choose whether or not they will change and grow, your life becomes less complicated. When you handle demands to hold back because others are not safe with your changes, remember that your growth is yours, and you get to choose to change.

You don’t need permission to grow from anyone outside of yourself.

When you have the courage to choose to grow, you give everyone around you that permission, without doing a thing other than choosing for yourself.

©Kris Cahill


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