Notes on becoming a conscious psychic

How did you know you are psychic?

I’ve been asked this more times than I can remember. Though the question is often directed at me personally, it’s really more about the person asking it.

Maybe she is interested in psychic energy and abilities, and has probably had some experiences with them. There is a desire to know more. Often the questioner is trying to make sense of their experiences: are they real?

Before I ever knew what it meant, I was already psychic, but I wasn’t yet a conscious psychic. The experiences I’d had weren’t real to me.

Years before I learned how to consciously use my abilities, I was fascinated with psychic energy.

When I was in my late 20′s, I went to see a local psychic some of my friends had been to see. Their accounts of their readings with her triggered something within me, and I wanted to have the kind of hello they had received.

Having a psychic reading helped me step onto the path toward becoming a conscious psychic.

Until this time, I was fascinated by and also afraid of getting a psychic reading.

I believed two things about being psychic.

The first thing was that one had to already be that way from birth, actually born into a special psychic family. The second thing was that sadly, I wasn’t born this way so couldn’t be a psychic.

I have no idea where I picked up that invalidating belief, but it went away soon after I had my first reading. As it turns out, I wasn’t afraid of psychics so much as I was afraid of my own abilities. This is something I understand now.

By the way, if anyone had told me 25 years ago that one day I’d be working as a full time psychic and psychic teacher, I probably wouldn’t have believed them. This is another reason why I don’t predict the future.

I had to find my own way here, choosing all the way to have what I have. I had to learn to ground and become conscious about energy, to see without judgment, and also to let go of what I didn’t want to carry, so my abilities would be clear for me to use.

In other words, I had to commit to my newly discovered art form: the art of seeing and working with energy.

You may be born with musical talent, but you still have to practice your instrument.

Human have psychic abilities, which are inherently part of being human. Like your other abilities, your psychic and healing abilities need care, practice, respect, and consciousness.

Just like other talents and abilities, one needs practice and good training to develop them.

Being psychic has precious little to do with making predictions or telling people what to do. The greatest use of your abilities is to see yourself, create healing within, and use these valuable abilities to create your life.

The way I learned to turn on my own psychic abilities consciously was to sign up for a clairvoyant training at a psychic school to which my intuition led me, in my hometown of Chicago.

My clairvoyant training is where my abilities were validated and made real.

The first thing I learned how to do was to ground myself. This all on its own is a mind blowing life changing experience, and it was only the beginning. When I learned I could release the energies I’d been taking on my whole life that were not mine, my entire world opened up for me.

I learned how to become safe enough to open up on a psychic level, and to turn on my clairvoyance. I learned how much fun it could be to do this, and began to discover so much more about myself than I’d ever thought I would.

Clairvoyant training helped me heal myself deeply. It still does, nearly 20 years later. I use the tools and techniques I learned on a daily basis. As a psychic teacher, I’ve taught thousands of students how to work with energy, being psychic, and self healing.

Get your daily practice on.

Meditation helps you turn on your psychic abilities safely, and is, in my view, a necessary part of a healthy psychic practice. I wouldn’t go a day without meditation.

Daily meditation practice helps you to release negative energies, which in turn makes it possible to have your own abilities without interference. Letting go of energy that isn’t yours makes it easier to know what is your own truth and what just weighs you down.

There is much more to say about this spectacular journey. The most important change that happens, truly the most profound changes, are all about spiritual growth.

You were born with psychic abilities so that you can grow. This is the best reason to learn how to use what is already inherently part of you as a being in a body.

If you are interested in learning how to turn on your own abilities safely, check out Portland Psychic School. I recently joined the staff of PPS and teach in the online training.

©Kris Cahill
Image from Pixabay

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