Meditation brings inspiration and helps me manifest my creations

My best creative ideas don’t show up when I’m in effort.

I cannot be trying hard in order to have brilliant ideas flowing. If I want gorgeous inspiration to show up and grace me with its presence, I have to relax and let go of any sticky desperate effort energy.

Inspiration is energy, and so are all the beautiful fun ideas that show up. Sometimes I get my best ideas while sitting in my meditation chair, eyes closed, breathing and grounding and releasing old energy.

Regular meditation also helps me to HAVE the ideas that show up, instead of judging them or immediately saying “no” out of some unconscious fear or other.

With the right energy, the ideas flow. With the energy set just so, I’m amazed at what comes to me.

Inspiring visions show up while I’m getting my space back for me. But it doesn’t end there. My meditation practice feeds my creative self all day long.

Sometimes I get my best ideas when I literally cannot write them down.

I’m driving on the 101 freeway and brilliance descends upon me. Or I’m up to my elbows in water and suds, cleaning or cooking. Or covered in garden dirt.

There are the middle of the night waking-out-of-a-dream ideas, which I sometimes have the presence of mind to scribble down in the dark. Amusement ensues when I try to decipher my chicken scrawls the next day. I love the ideas that come this way, even the ones that make no sense.

Good ideas don’t necessarily show up all neatly and tidily packaged, conveniently timed. Which is just fine by me. Maybe you have this experience too.

My daily meditation practice contributes to the influx of ideas that show up, whenever they choose to do so.

The way it works is this: grounded meditation helps me to let go of the stress, anxiety, fear, unconsciousness, and pain I’ve picked up from being a human being. I work with energy every day, not just because it’s my job, but also because I understand the power that comes with conscious energy work.

Look at it this way: each of us is immersed in energy every day of our lives. It’s the substance we are all made from. Energy is everything.

Energy is spirit, and when you exercise your spirit with daily meditation, you allow your spirit to work more clearly for you. When you release the noise and the energy that stops you from listening to your spirit, your vision turns on, along with your inspiration.

Meditation helps you release the effort that gets in the way of being who you are. When your spirit shows up, you get to be your unique self. That’s where it gets more fun, and where your creativity opens up too.

You can make an effort to sit and meditate, and it takes no effort to work with energy. It’s all about play.

When you make an effort, instead of being in effort, you change the entire game for yourself.

Effort on a body level is not wrong in the least. It works to be in effort when you’re running a marathon, working in your garden, or walking through a forest. It feels good, and your body likes it. Our bodies need to move and sweat and run and dance and jump. That’s good effort.

Spirit takes no effort, and in fact, effort will get in your spirit’s way. The way of spirit is non-effort.

By the way, when I was meditating the other day, I got the idea that I should tell you about how I get my best ideas.

“If I knew where inspiration came from, I would go there more often.”  -Leonard Cohen


©Kris Cahill
Image ©Jaime Serrano at Unsplash


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