On making psychic predictions

Some psychics proudly proclaim their accuracy in making psychic predictions.

There is a great demand for predictions about the future, especially when everything is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. People want to know what’s going to happen next, and when.

Human beings fear the unknown because we cannot control it. For that matter, we have no control over what we already know, but that doesn’t stop us from trying to exert all of that pointless control.

There are many others in the world who regularly attempt to predict the future, including doctors, weather forecasters, and financial analysts. How often have they been right?

Humans think they need the assurance of a prediction in order to have a sense of control over upcoming events.

Letting go of that need can create more space for you to actually get down to it and do your real work in the world: getting to know and love yourself. If you can’t or won’t do your work unless you “know” how everything is going to turn out, ie: unless you have the false assurance of a positive outcome, you are missing the point of living your life from trusting your own spirit.

In my role as a professional clairvoyant, I’ve sometimes been asked to make predictions about what is going to happen for the person sitting in front of me getting a reading.

I avoid doing so, and here’s why: I think it’s pointless to make predictions because you have free will and the power to create your own future. If I make a prediction about what ‘will’ happen, it can very likely get in your way and stop you from seeing all of the possibilities available to you.

You have many futures available to you, and I find it much more interesting and helpful to you to point you in the direction of your own spirit, and the power you have to create that future.

I’ve been asked, “If you don’t predict the future, what do you do?”.

Often the person asking is truly puzzled, because psychics are supposed to make predictions, right? Isn’t that what the words psychic and clairvoyant mean? Aren’t we supposed to know what’s going to happen?

The way these words have been used over many many years, one could completely forget their original meanings.

Clairvoyant means ‘clear sight’, and an early meaning of the word psychic is ‘of the soul’. Nowhere is there any mention about what’s going to happen next Tuesday or if the Cubs will ever win another World Series.

It’s interesting to note that you created what you have right now. Waking up to this fact is wonderful, and opens up a lot of new possibilities for you. Anyone telling you what will happen next is getting in your way, and making it difficult for you to create what you want to happen in your own life.

You have much more power to do this than you might give yourself credit for.

I say hello to where you are growing, no matter what your question is. My goal is to help you see yourself more clearly, without judgment.

Each person has a unique spirit and energy. When you receive a direct hello to the spirit of who you already are, even if you don’t know what that is fully yet, it can help you to move in the direction of yourself, and to remember that you do have the power to create your life to be what you want it to be.

The present time is the place you make changes and choices from, the place you create from, the place you are growing. You cannot do any of those things in the past or future. Yet many of us have our energy stuck in both places.

A clear reading of where you are in present time can help you remember who you are, where you are, and what you really want. After all, you are psychic too. It’s human to be so.

I have seen many people create miracles for themselves by deciding to be in charge of their own lives. This is the most courageous journey you can begin.

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