Love, affinity, wholeness, and a happy fourth chakra

Affinity is the ability that helps you bring your energy together into a state of oneness.

This oneness helps you know yourself as being whole, complete.

This is a pretty nifty ability to have working for you, especially when you consider how complicated it can be sometimes to feel like a whole human being.

The ability of affinity is contained in your fourth chakra, the heart chakra. The fourth chakra also includes your ability to love and have love for yourself and others. A happy fourth chakra makes it easier to access all of these abilities in a way that works for you.

Having a happy fourth chakra doesn’t mean that you’re perfect.

In fact, having your affinity for yourself means that you don’t need to be perfect or to match to anyone else’s standards of perfection, because you love yourself as you are right now. And you don’t have to do that perfectly either.

Another way to put this is that having your affinity for yourself helps you feel great, complete within yourself. When you know yourself to be whole, you’re not missing anything. You don’t need to look outside for other energies to fill you in.

Affinity and love are present time abilities that can also help you reach deep into the past and release any of your energy that is stuck in old wounds there, so that you can bring yourself back again. Your life is all happening right here and now. When you have affinity for yourself right now, this helps you create what you want to have in the future, from a positive vibration.

We’re always creating a future. If you suffer from self loathing in present time, or are disappointed with who you are now, you’ll create a very different future than if you come from present time love and affinity.

Love and affinity help you to squash those fearful energies that invalidate and get in your way.

Having affinity means it’s easier for you to be loved, to allow yourself to open up to the point where you can have love, and not fear it. You are here at this time to learn how to love and be loved. Every relationship you have in the world out there is based on the one you have with you. Your fourth chakra is one of the places where that internal relationship takes place.

Having your affinity for yourself also helps you do this for your creations, your body, and for other people. When you have your affinity for yourself and your life, that vibration spreads to others around you. Love really does make the world go around.

The heart symbolizes love, passion and what has meaning in life.

Are you walking a path that has heart and meaning for you? Do you listen to your heart, trust your heart, follow your heart? A path that has heart and meaning is seen as a true path. It’s the one that brings joy, the kind of joy you can feel at the level of the heart.

When you follow the road that you feel in your heart, you get somewhere interesting. Your affinity will guide you well, and it’s worth listening to. Doing so may not make sense sometimes, either to yourself or others, but it’s your heart that’s doing the talking. Are you listening?

©Kris Cahill
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