‘Let Go Of Control’ is the first in the Weekly Meditation Series

‘Let Go Of Control’ is the first in the Weekly Meditation Series

Let Go of Control’ is a 30 minute guided meditation, available as a recording.

This meditation is part of The Weekly Meditation series, and you can find it here in my storefront.

I work from an energy theme or topic with each meditation I create and record. I look at various ways to work within the energy of that theme, including my blog, recordings, classes, and readings.

My energy themes focus on topics such as spiritual growth, being psychic, self healing, and meditation. The writings on this blog are the themes I like to work within, and I always welcome suggestions from my readers, so please feel free to leave yours.

Let Go of Control is the theme for these times.

Recently, the energy of Control, and letting go of control and learning how to trust, have been current themes for many people, especially as outside events become more out of our control.

When you change the vibration within yourself from needing to control what’s going on out there, to one of inner trust and faith, you contribute to changing what is happening on earth. In other words, your own internal vibration helps the outside events to shift, without you having to use your energy to control anything outside of yourself. It always makes sense to begin within you, and meditation is a great way to do this.

The ‘Let Go of Control’ meditation is about letting go of the energy you hold onto that demands you control events, outcomes, and people. The opposite of control is trust, and this meditation will help to gently guide you in the direction of creating a space of trust within yourself, for you and your spirit.

This meditation is for all levels of meditation experience, and is 30 minutes long.

©Kris Cahill


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