Imagination, dreaming, and grounding

Grounding yourself helps you to dream big, and to make your big dreams real.

You’ve been dreaming your whole life, even when you weren’t trying to do so. Creating a dream for your life is effortless, because it is you the being, the spirit of you, that dreams.

As a child you did this all the time, you asked “what if?”, you said “when I grow up I’m going to be …”. You drew pictures, used your imagination to make up new scenarios, and played.

This was your job, as a child, to imagine, play, and dream.

If you, the adult, allow yourself to imagine, play, and dream like you did when you were a child, you’ll go much further than if you allow others’ visions for you to become real.

When you consciously use your imagination to create your life, you’ll be able to achieve your own true dreams. Dreaming, whether you are awake or asleep, helps you create new realities.

Dreams, imagination, and visualizations, are all important parts of how we create our world, individually and together.

We are living the dreams we dreamed long ago, and we are dreaming up new ones all the time.

What kinds of dreams are you dreaming for yourself?

Dreaming is effortless, but if you find yourself sighing and sadly shaking your head and saying, “it’ll never happen” or “it’s impossible” about your own dreams, then you won’t have the energy to make them real.

Learning to ground yourself is a good next step that can help you move forward, towards your dreams.

Grounding yourself helps you make your body real, and have a secure base to work from.

When you practice grounding on a regular basis, you create safety for yourself, which helps you to take risks and step up to be seen.

Grounding is a technique that allows you to access your abilities, listen to your intuition, and take the steps you’ve been wanting to take. Grounding helps you heal yourself.

Giving yourself a solid, stable base helps you to safely let go of anything that gets in your way as you step up to create your dreams. Grounding connects you with the earth, and the earth makes your body and dreams real.

What is a dream but a valuable guidepost to your own true life?

The desires you have, the things you want to experience and become, are all helpful allies that guide you towards your truest dreams.

If you’ve been confused about what you want, it means you may have forgotten how to listen to your own wisdom, to your own spirit. You might have so many rules, shoulds and shouldn’ts, and other people’s information, negativity, or demands in your space that you haven’t been able to listen to yourself.

When you ground yourself daily, you can move the energy that makes it difficult to listen to your own internal wisdom, out of your way. When you let go of the energy that gets in the way, you can follow up on what you learned by listening to your internal wisdom.

If you take a step forward to your dream and hear a big “no!” or “stop” from within, you can just let it go and keep moving. Grounding helps you move this lack of permission to dream, right out of you.

The only person capable of creating your dreams is you.

The person who is responsible for your dreams happening is also you. When you take the time to sit, ground, meditate, and listen, you make it easier to help those dreams become real.

©Kris Cahill

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