How to have fun while growing brilliantly

Spiritual growth as a concept sounds so serious, but what if it’s really about having fun?

All of the changes and growth you’ve experienced in your lifetime began within your spirit. You have a unique spirit, and you get to choose how you will grow. Becoming conscious makes it easier for you to choose happier growth experiences. Who says it has to be difficult?

We’ve all had the not-so-happy ‘lessons’ that helped us learn what we wanted or didn’t want in life. If you’ve had the terrible bosses, painful rejections, losses, nasty romantic partners, invalidating incidents, embarrassing memories, rough financial patches, difficult health issues, et al, you’ve had lots of opportunities to grow.

Every one of those life experiences gives you something to learn. The difficult times in your life can help you find your strength, and know yourself better. Even the more miserable experiences you’ve gone through can help you to become more of who you want to become.

It’s no wonder that when it comes to their own spiritual growth, sometimes people think, “it’s good to be past that hard work of growing so that I can enjoy the results of having grown!”.

The trying times in your life may have contributed to your growth, but it doesn’t always have to be so tough. What if the work you do on you comes from a place of joy and fun?

How is it possible to have fun while growing? When you experience times when it is difficult to grow, it could be because you are still holding onto an old idea of what is possible, and you may not be ready yet to move into the present reality. Holding onto old outgrown ‘truths’ can really make it tough to embrace a new one.

Like the trapeze artist flying through the air with the greatest of ease, you have to be willing to let go of one ring in order to catch the next. It won’t work if you try to hold onto all the rings.

Have fun while growing #1: Learn to let go and embrace change.

Change is the name of the game in life, so the more willing you are to change, the happier your spiritual growth will be for you. If you’re uncertain about whether or not this is true, look at old photos of yourself from your whole life. You the being may have always been truly you, but you’ve also changed many times. My prediction: you will continue to meet opportunities for change throughout your life.

Every time you went through any kind of change in your life: learning to walk, starting school, finishing college, launching your career or business, falling in love, getting married, having a child, moving away from home, losing someone you loved, getting older, learning a new skill … you always had the choice and opportunity to grow.

You, the spirit, have always had the choice every step of the way to do your own work: the work of adjusting, learning, letting go, loving, forgiving, choosing to be happy, feeling scared and taking a step forward anyway. From the moment you entered this world, you’ve had a choice, in every moment. That is part of your spiritual growth, all of it. You’re already on your spiritual path, because it’s your whole life.

Have fun while growing #2: Learn who you are and decide what you want.

Are you the one who gets to design your own life path? Or have there been too many cooks in the kitchen of your life, with other well meaning people telling you what you should want, have, create and aim for? Whether they are your family or best friends, your life is still your own to live. You are the one responsible for how you choose to live the life you came here to have.

If you’re confused about what you want, this is your clue to do what it takes to know yourself. Life changes have a way of shaking up an old certainty about one’s spiritual path; suddenly what was crystal clear to you just a little while ago has completely changed and you no longer want that old career you worked so hard to have.

Suddenly you want to do something different, which makes no sense to anyone else who knows you. Which leads to #3:

Have fun while growing #3: Stop trying to make sense to others.

If you keep trying to hold onto other’s approval ratings of you, and meanwhile you’re radically changing your whole life, something’s gotta give. If you hold yourself back from being faithful to yourself because others judge you for it, your growth won’t be easy or happy for you.

Turn back to yourself and listen to your own heart first.

Have fun while growing #4: Now is the time for truth.

Many people who say they are feeling confused about what they want in life are having a hard time listening to their own truth. Your own truth is just that: yours. If someone else is certain he or she knows what is true for you, it’s up to you to look for yourself first.

For example, if you went all the way through college and got yourself an expensive degree but now have no inspiration for creating the career you prepared for, be honest with yourself.

Do you want to spend all of that energy and time on creating a career you have no heart for in the first place? What do you really want to do? Do that.

Many people have the notion that life is hard and change is uncomfortable. They might avoid having too much growth or too many changes at once, because growth and change are disruptive, inconvenient at the best of times, and deeply disturbing at the worst. Sometimes people just want things to go on as they always have done, because they’ve gotten comfortable with the way things are.

But what if you can actually enjoy the entire experience? What if you, the spirit, came here to have fun while you grow?

All growth begins with your spirit, that sparkly, inspired, creative, unique, one of a kind, you. You the spiritual being came here to have fun. So what’s fun for your spirit?

How about some new inspiration, growth and change?

©Kris Cahill
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