Have your space by being who you are

When you give yourself the freedom to be exactly who you are, you have space.

When you allow yourself to take up space without having to explain yourself to anyone else, you have enough room to breathe and to be.

You have the right to exist, and a very good reason for being here now. Your job is to learn who you are. This isn’t anyone else’s job to do, only you can do it.

When you have permission to make your own decisions without waiting for approval from anyone else, you are deciding to have permission to be yourself. You can do this simply by being who you are, and allowing others to be who they are.

One of the simplest ways to give yourself space is to not allow yourself to be squeezed into a self image that’s too small for you.

When you don’t have a clear picture of yourself, and aren’t sure of your boundaries, you might allow other energies in that demand you not have any space.

Some of these demands can even come from those nearest and dearest to you, who want you to give up your space to them. They might not even be conscious that they are making these demands, or they might not care.

Rather than take it personally or pick a fight, you might want to just decide you are going to define yourself.

Have your boundaries, not from a place of anger and resistance, but from a place of certainty and amusement.

Your space is always yours, unless you give it away to others.

It is your job to define yourself. When you get in the habit of doing this, and of letting go of old self images you outgrew, you create healthy boundaries with others, and more space for you.

You can create a self image that allows you to have freedom to grow and change, and to feel how you want to feel, without having to hold yourself back for others who won’t do this for themselves.

©Kris Cahill
Image at Unsplash

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