Grounding yourself helps you grow a grounded business

If you want a grounded business, begin with you.

Grounding makes things real, and helps you to manifest your creations. If you want to create a successful business, career, or job, look no further than yourself.

Your energy is the most important ingredient in making your vision real.  Grounding yourself is a good first step to take as you work to make your business thrive.

If you are an entrepreneur, self employed, or you practice a skill that requires you to step up and be seen in order to grow your business, your ability to succeed depends primarily on you and your energy.

The way you feel about yourself, and whether you feel confident and secure about your work, makes all the difference in what you are able to create in your business.

If you are a performer, artist, writer, or a service provider – you are already a business.

Your success depends on how much energy you have and how you feel in your daily life. You know that you need different amounts of energy for the many tasks you perform each day, week, month, and year. So how do you manage your energy in order to have what you need?

Grounding is a technique that allows you to connect your body to the earth, making it easier for your body to calm down from all of the energy you take on in your daily life. Grounding is a tool that is a simple, easy way to manage your own energy.

Grounding yourself helps your business to also be grounded.

Grounding makes things real. Grounding yourself makes your body real.

When you are grounded, it’s easier for your business to be grounded. Grounding yourself and your business makes it possible to release old energies that impede your progress and your success. A grounded business attracts more business, because it’s more real to the people who are looking for you and your services or product.

Your customers and clients may not consciously know why they are attracted to you. Give them more reasons why they should choose you over the competition by creating a grounded, stable, real energy in your business.

Benefits of grounding include: stability, safety, security, protection, trust, feeling prosperous, being in present time, letting go more easily, feeling clearer, being more organized, feeling good, having consistency, having the courage to take new steps.

Think of those businesses you visit regularly. You may not be completely aware of the reasons why you choose certain vendors and stores and bring your business to them, rather than to someone else. Besides receiving good value for your money, your favorite businesses have an energy you are attracted to.

Grounding changes the energy of people, places, and things.

Start to notice that you’re naturally drawn to people and places for their energy, for how it feels to be there, and for your experience. You know you’ll receive the service you want, the results you like.

Think also of those places and people you stopped taking your business to, and why. Perhaps one of the reasons you avoid those businesses now is that they weren’t very grounded to begin with, and you found it more difficult to deal with them.

You are your business; your personal energy affects the success of your business.

Grounding your business begins with grounding yourself. Take care of your own energy, and the work you do on you will help you to do your work in the world.

This is one reason why successful business leaders and companies all over the world are welcoming meditation as a business tool into their daily routine. More people are realizing that regular meditation has a calming and also energizing effect on them, and makes it easier to have the energy they need to create.

©Kris Cahill
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