Grounding changes your experience of having a body

When I learned how to ground myself properly, my entire experience of being a person in a body changed.

After having a careless unconscious relationship with my body for many years, I was full of so much energy that wasn’t even mine, and that I didn’t know what to do with.

Like many people, I had believed the lie that my body wasn’t that smart, and that it needed me to tell it what to do.

I never thought of taking the time to listen to my body tell me what it needed in order to be and stay healthy.

I’ve often had a picture of how so many of us deal with our bodies: we stand outside of the body pointing a remote control at it, while giving orders, ‘body do this, body do that’.

Then, when our bodies fail us in some way, we get mad at them.

Rarely do we sit still and listen to them. Grounding helps create a better relationship within yourself on all levels: body, spirit, and mind. This simple tool makes it easier to listen to what’s going on within.

The first time I learned the proper way to create grounding for myself, my whole life changed. After grounding myself, my relationship to my body began to become more conscious and thoughtful. Once I knew I could shift so much energy simply by creating a connection from my body to the earth, I wasn’t going to go back to the way things used to be for me.

It became easier to let go of the energies I took on in my daily life. I’d had no idea I could do that so easily, and when it worked, I was thrilled.

Here’s what changes when you ground yourself daily:

Your experience of your own emotions. Emotions are a normal part of the body’s abilities, and the ability to feel emotion is contained within our bodies on many levels. If you are sensitive or empathic, you are not just feeling your own emotions, but those of others around you. This can be an uncomfortable experience, to say the least. Ground yourself and let go of the emotions of others, so that you have the freedom to have your own.

Your relationship to your body deepens. Grounding yourself makes it easier to listen to your body, without judgment. When you listen to your body, you learn interesting and helpful things. Your body has wisdom in every part of it, and when you ground, you can move other people’s energy and information out of the way so that you can access your own body’s truth.

You become responsible for yourself. If you’re responsible for everyone and everything, your body is handling all of that energy. It is when you take responsibility for yourself that things change, permanently. You have no idea how much of an effect you have on other people when you begin taking charge of what kind of energy you’re allowing to run through you.

Say goodbye to stress, anxiety, and jittery energy. Grounding helps you to safely release these uncomfortable vibrations, which changes how you feel being in your own skin.

You can feel present and safe in your own body. You can know where you are. The value of knowing how to do this cannot be overstated.

Grounding helps you be brave. Grounding makes it easier to feel safe, take risks, have confidence, let go of fear. Grounding is great to practice before the big meeting, speech, audition, interview. It’s also great afterward, to let go of anything you took on while you were leaping tall buildings in a single bound.

Grounding helps you to stop over thinking. When you find yourself on the roller coaster your busy mind has constructed and you are going around and around, get your grounding on and let go.

Grounding helps you to make a clear choice about what is happening within you, and around you too. When you decide to be in charge of what’s running through you, your entire experience of having a body changes. Your relationship to your body becomes clearer and easier to create in a happy way, when you practice grounding as part of your daily routine.

If you’d like to know more about grounding and grounded meditation, please contact me through this website.

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5 Replies to “Grounding changes your experience of having a body

  1. Hi,
    Love reading your posts. You mention grounding and meditation. Are those the same or different and if so how are they different, could you explain this? Im looking to incorporate grounding meditation but dont know if they are same or different.

    1. Hi Nikki, thanks so much for reading and your comment. Meditation is good, no matter what. If you take the time to meditate daily, you’ll change the way you look at and hold onto energy. This is consciousness and it’s positive.

      Grounded meditation is a specific kind of meditation, my favorite kind, which is why I write about it so much. I like grounding because it’s safe, stable, and healing, plus it makes it easier to release those unwanted energies you may be holding onto. You may find it helpful to download one of my guided grounded meditations, and here’s a great one to start with:!/Grounding-Yourself/p/16293291/category=8409327

      Thanks again, and please let me know if I can help.

      1. Thanks Kris,

        I’ve been doing the grounding meditation, I do feel more centered however I noticed sometimes during listening to it I fall asleep. Grounding is a new concept to me and wondering if I should be doing this all day or just once a day is enough to see major benefits.

      2. Hi Kris,

        I got your grounding meditation a while ago and honestly it helps a lot but i wont initially notice the difference it’ comes throughout the day and more people with issues come to me not sure why however other grounding meditations dont help that much, are your meditations infused with healing energies?

        1. Hello N Pal, I love using this method of grounding. It’s very real for the body, and works better, in my view, than many other ways of grounding. The healing energy is your own, when you get yourself grounded your abilities and energy can turn on, and you are able to heal yourself. Keep using it, it’s a beautiful way to create deep change for yourself. Thank you, Kris

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