Dream a brand new dream tonight

Every day is a great day to begin dreaming a brand new dream, a beautiful grandiose dream, a dream that can change the whole future of humanity, dream.

We humans can be so humble and unassuming, often believing (wrongly) that each one of us alone can’t do a whole lot, and that what we dream about can never happen.

How much do we underestimate ourselves?

Just one person underestimating him or herself can spread that invalidating energy like wildfire. If one person has the power to spread that kind of unhappy energy, imagine what you could do with a kinder, happier, validating energy.

If you decide to create a new environment in yourself, inside of your own space, it would also spread. Without becoming responsible for a thing outside of yourself, you would become a great healing, wherever you went.

How will you choose to use your power?

You already know how this works, especially if you have spent time in environments that were not comfortable for your body to be in.

If you couldn’t wait to get away from a particular place because it felt so wrong for your body, there was energy in that place that was toxic to you, and your body was telling you so. Bodies are pretty smart, and it’s wise to listen to them.

When your body feels well, happy, validated, it is easy for you to be in it.

When you are able to be in your own body, you can create much more consciously. You can feel in charge of yourself, and your own creations. There is a sense of being real, and having your life working for you.

This is when you can bring your new dreams into reality.

It’s time to welcome your wildest dreams, immerse yourself in them. See them being real for you, see yourself making them happen.

If you limit yourself out of fear of failure, you’ll never know what you are actually capable of creating. Only you can decide to take that first step, then the next ones after that. Once you get in the habit of dreaming, it gets easier.

Even if you occasionally fall flat, you will have found the courage to live your truth. It’s the perfect time to dream a new dream.

“Leadership is the art of getting people to fall in love with a vision of the future. You do this through storytelling.”  -Seth Godin
©Kris Cahill
‘Sunset’ from Unsplash


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