Destruction is not an enemy, but a gift

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that destruction is a recurring and uncontrollable part of life.

So is creation, but destruction is the energy that gets the bad rap.

Destruction is judged as a negative, an unnecessary evil, and it often gets mixed up with other energies like anger, unkindness, and war. Bad, bad destruction!

Destruction is the bad girl (or boy) of energies.

The gossip about destruction goes something like this: good and nice people don’t willingly destroy a perfectly good thing, and women are not supposed to destroy at all. After all, their bodies can create life, and aren’t they supposed to nurture everyone and make sure it All Stays Together?

A woman who destroys is just acting like a man, and that’s wrong. Everything was fine just the way it was, back when everyone knew their place. I want my old patriarchy back!

Besides all that, why would anyone want to add to the current climate of fear as everything continues to Fall Apart, everywhere on the planet? Won’t somebody please find the glue that sticks it back together? Can’t we pass a new law or something?

The good old days are gone and things will never be the same, and I want my sameness back. It was safe in its familiarity. I know, let’s just take away some of those pesky civil rights.

It’s important to note that one person’s memory of the good old days can be another person’s memory of a nightmare.

We humans have a hard time letting go of the old in order to forge ahead, to create anew. So we resist and judge the destruction happening all around, rather than embrace it and consciously use it for our own ends. Destruction is the gift that frees us to create anew.

It’s difficult for us to see that the structures we create and put into place come complete with their own ending, already built in. Nothing lasts forever, and when it is time for one thing to move on, it crumbles. Bye now!

It’s really best to let it go. Ask yourself, what have you learned by this? What are you holding onto, what are you afraid to destroy? Then ask, what are you free to create if you let this old thing go? If you don’t know, congratulations! You get to discover your next horizon, your next world.

You do have a reason for being here now, at this time. You chose it, and you have what you need within you to create your next steps.

Here’s a short list of what’s up on the chopping block right now:

  • Unconsciousness about the white supremacy and white privilege that runs the U.S. on every level
  • Rampant unrestrained racism, misogyny, and transphobia/homophobia
  • Unconscious obedience to authority
  • Unrestrained greed
  • Unconsciousness about how we are poisoning our environment and our bodies
  • The disconnection between body and spirit
  • Harshly judging people we see as being different from us, and therefore inferior

It’s taken humans a major worldwide financial crisis, our planet being at the edge of extinction, the current president of the United States, and white supremacists and Nazis marching in American cities to shake and wake us up. This is nothing short of Evolution, or is it a Spiritual Revolution?

Yes, there is destruction, and it’s not always easy or pretty, and it will continue. What is ending now no longer fits into where we are going next. The great thing is that we get to consciously choose to create a beautiful new world in its wake.

What have you been destroying? What do you get to create next as a result? How are you waking yourself up to this?

Every act of creation is first an act of destruction. -Pablo Picasso

©Kris Cahill
‘Cosmic Reaction’ ©Jan Tik on Flickr

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