You create your world

You come from this earth.

You create your world. This is your world, and it also belongs to every other being on it. (Yes, even the mosquitoes.) The earth is endlessly bountiful, generously providing us with enough riches to support a whole world full of living beings.

You have the right to be here. Everything you have is made from the earth; your cell phone, shoes, food supply, car, books, computer, money.

Everything we needed to grow, evolve, heal, and entertain ourselves, was already here. The earth gave all without judgment of who should have and who shouldn’t. The earth didn’t have a ‘first come, first served’ policy.

Earth didn’t decide what we could or couldn’t have – we did that to ourselves.

Earth didn’t invent the need for money – we humans did that. Earth also didn’t invent: borders, religion, racism, hatred, war, greed, or invalidation. The earth is neutral, which means it’s not in judgment, nor does it belong to any one group or being.

Life is often far from neutral. There are many energies to deal with that are highly charged and often frightening and uncomfortable. The situations we create for ourselves or find ourselves in, help us to grow spiritually.

We each have our own spirit, and the earth has spirit too.

There is spirit in every particle that exists here.

Spirit, energy, came first. Spirit created form. Before you existed in body form this lifetime, you were already spirit. You are spirit in human form, on earth. You came here ready to have certain experiences, learn things, and grow.

You are a world just on your own.

Growth isn’t always an easy thing to do. There are snags to deal with along the way, and much of what you run into is simply out of your control.

There are other humans, a lot of them. With many of them you will find friendship, love, companionship, or at least understanding. There are also the ones who challenge you, who you fear, mistrust, or judge. All of them are your teachers, as you are also theirs.

Every day, you teach those around you how to treat you, by showing them how you treat yourself.

They reflect back to you what they’ve learned about you. If they get it wrong, you have an opportunity to correct them.

Some people believe that spirit is more important, and they leave the body behind, judging it to be inferior in some way to spirit. Then there are others who need proof in material form, and cannot trust their own spirit.

You get to decide for yourself whether you’d like to create harmony between your body and spirit.

If you bring the two of them together and decide to have the abilities each brings, you can more easily have peace in your own world. This becomes a gift you give to others, wherever you go.

©Kris Cahill
‘Sunflower Field’ Image from Morguefile

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