Change your energy and change your life

sunrise-over-mountains-sm-alex-grichenko-pdpYou are made entirely of energy.

Every part of you is energy: body, mind, and spirit. Your emotions, creativity, abilities, intellect, interests, and all the rest, are energy.

There’s energy in everything you do, say, feel, and decide to have. You have a personal style that comes from your unique energy. This is your spirit playing and creating, and it’s one of a kind.

The way you communicate with the world around you has energy. Your creative expression, your personal taste, your relationships with others, your health, finances, you name it – all have energy.

Everyone else is unique too, and each one’s energy is different from yours.

We are each one of a kind, each of us has a distinctive energy. This is why everyone is valuable, why we are all needed and wanted here.

You came to this lifetime to bring something, and you give valuable gifts to everyone when you learn how to become who you truly are. You don’t need to match to or be anyone else. Your job is to find out who you are and become that.

When you know and have your own true energy working for you, you can have your life the way you want it much more effortlessly. If you’ve been challenged, if it’s been hard to know who you are, if you feel overwhelmed and inundated by the energy of others, you can change this.

Change how you see and know yourself, and you will change your whole life.

When you change your energy to become how you want it to be, and how it fits best for you, you change your life. When you decide to study yourself, to learn who you are, and to love yourself, your life starts to work better for you.

By becoming aware of energy, and especially your own, you change the energy that you are in, and the energy that is in you. You can make your own energy the most important energy inside of you, and when you do this, your life unfolds in a different way.

You do all of this when you reclaim your own energy, and bring your spirit back into your daily life. This is spiritual growth, and it’s the most important and creative task you have. Your energy is intended to be with you, not scattered all about. When more of your own energy is inside of you and validated, creating your own life becomes more fun and less effort to do.

A daily meditation practice can get things rolling in the right direction for you.

When you commit to a regular meditation practice, you are in effect saying to yourself that you want to become more conscious and present. This is just one way to begin the process of self healing and reclaiming the parts of you that have been lost and/or forgotten.

Conscious spiritual growth is never a perfect thing, and doesn’t have to be done according to anyone else’s specs. When you choose to grow, and to be who you really are, you are also choosing to shift your energy around, to get things moving that have been stuck, to allow yourself to heal, release, and forgive.

When you make any effort to know yourself better, you change your relationship with the most important person in your life – you. Everything you experience and create comes directly from this relationship with yourself.

©Kris Cahill
‘Sunrise Over Mountains’ ©Alex Grichenko on

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