Bring your spirit into your everyday life

When you bring your spirit along with you every day, you change your experience of being alive.

You also get to have a lot more fun being who you already are.

When I woke up to this reality for myself, and started to say hello to the spirit in and all around me, it became crystal clear that life wasn’t just happening out there somewhere. There were things I could do to grow and become aware, and it was time to embrace those things, and begin.

It was time to learn how to be me.

As I became more conscious, situations in my life shifted and changed for the better. I realized there was more going on here than I’d thought, and that I had more power over what I created than I’d previously believed.

When I made them consciously, my choices were better ones for me.

I could be more honest with myself, instead of feeling like I was letting myself down.

I started to understand why I kept creating situations and experiences I didn’t want, instead of more of the ones I did.

In other words, life wasn’t just happening to me. By becoming consciously aware, I affected what happened and what I created in my life.

Yes, this awakening was disturbing, but incredibly healing at the same time. When I decided to take responsibility for myself spiritually, everything changed for me.

When you become conscious to the fact that you are a spiritual being on a spiritual path, life changes for the better.

When your awareness about this kicks in, you might be a bit disturbed at first to realize that all of those things you thought were real, aren’t.

Knowing that you are spirit in body does away with any old ways and excuses you might have used in the past.

When you know it’s up to you to do your own work – to be the one to let go and forgive, and to take responsibility for how you choose to see yourself – you stop looking around for someone else who will tell you exactly what you’re supposed to do next.

You realize it’s up to you. Yikes. Now who’s to blame?

Slow down, you move too fast.

As a Type A person, fiery and fast moving, I’m not the most patient of souls even on my best days. These are some of the things I’m working on adjusting for myself.

I get stuff done, but it’s more fun for me if I remember that what’s most important is the spirit I bring along with me. I’d like to be operating more from a place of inner peace and relaxation, in other words, trust.

The days I rush through my morning daily practice, (meditation etc.) because I convince myself that I’m too busy or over scheduled, I feel it.

There’s less of me available to me somehow, on those days. I can’t see the daily miracles happening around me. I forget what I have, I forget to be grateful. I lose perspective over something little and silly.

The time I didn’t spend on myself in the morning gets eaten up by other things throughout my day.

Release the prisoners, end the hostilities within.

And so I’ve learned to make and take the time I need to bring my own spirit into my life, every day.

Back before I thought much about spirit, I didn’t realize I was already on my spiritual path. I felt and knew and intuited things I didn’t validate for myself. I felt a longing for something I couldn’t name. It seemed I had forgotten about something important.

I had. That something was my own spirit.

With spirit comes spiritual abilities. Not everything can be neatly explained or proved or make sense, and that’s perfect.

As a result of bringing back my connection to my spirit, I have more space, energy, and time. Projects I’m working on flow easier, which saves me a lot of time and effort.

Remembering to be present during conversations with people I appreciate and love, helps the communication feel more real, and somehow sweeter.

I get just as busy as the next person, and it can be really easy to let my to-do list run my life.

Fortunately for me, meditation is my friend, daily.

Sitting down to be with myself, to breathe, ground, let go, and find my space again, is part of my daily self care regime.

Meditation and the energy techniques I practice remind me that I can bring spirit along with me into the rest of my actions and activities for the day.

Once I remember that, my happy attitude and perspective come along as well.

©Kris Cahill
‘Sunset Village’ image found on Morguefile


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