Being psychic needs no effort

Being psychic and accessing your psychic abilities requires no effort.

Your psychic abilities are natural and human. Being in effort just gets in the way of having your abilities on and working for you. Your intuition, clairvoyance, knowingness, telepathy, clairaudience, and other spiritual abilities, will seem unreal or unreachable to you if you’re in effort about having them.

If you find yourself in effort about being psychic, you may be in judgment of those very abilities you’re trying to access. Once you hit judgment, you’ve moved into a part of yourself where you’ll have a tough time having your abilities. You’re over thinking, controlling, and solving. You’re in effort. Thinking your way out of this won’t work.

There is a difference between being in effort and making an effort.

If you want to work with your spirit and access your spiritual abilities, effort just gets in your way. You are, effectively, standing in front of yourself blocking your own progress. It’s hard to listen to your intuition, or see clairvoyantly, or know your own answers, while you are trying hard to do so.

Making an effort means that you show up and do your work. You can make an effort and not be in effort. There is a delicate balance between the two, a dance to dance with yourself. Who’s leading? If you allow your spirit to lead, instead of your mind or body, you’ll have your abilities available and ready to play with. Your spirit wants to play, and play is what being psychic is all about. Play is powerful, it helps you access your spirit.

If you allow your analytical mind to be bossy and take over, you’ll judge, solve, and over-think, instead of being. Being takes no effort whatsoever. If you allow your body to control, rather than working in tandem with your spirit, you won’t feel safe enough to have your abilities on.

Since you were young, you’ve been rewarded for your efforts and hard work. You’ve also seen the dire results of not stepping forward and doing the work. You were taught that the good people all work hard, and that hard work is what leads to desired results. According to those who believe in it, hard work is what’s real, because you can see it and feel it.

It’s a good idea to look at the difference between hard work and its results on a body level, and also on a spiritual level.

If you are convinced that your body is where it’s all happening, you might forget that your spirit leads the way. You may like the results you get working hard on a body level, and not even think of it as being hard: working in the garden, at the gym or on the yoga mat can be seen as hard work, but also rewarding. Bodies can be in effort, and rewarded for that effort.

Effort only gets in the way when you are accessing and working with your spirit. Non-effort is how the spirit works; funnily enough, being in non-effort can be hard work. This is you Being instead of constantly Doing. If you’ve been rewarded for Doing all your life, Being may be like a foreign language to you. You can learn how to speak the language of Being.

As a spirit, you can choose to do your own spiritual hard work.

Hard work for your spirit includes learning to trust, let go, forgive, and love yourself unconditionally. This is not the body’s work to do, but every bit of it affects how your body feels.

If you choose to love yourself and your body, you’ve done your work. It may have been hard but it will pay off well for you.

It is your birthright to have access to your own spirit, to feel safe on this earth and in your body. You can decide to have this, and it takes no effort to do so. When you and your spirit are working well together, life itself is effortless. You’ll have access to your own grace, joy, healing, creativity, happiness. This may be hard work from time to time, and it’s worth it.

©Kris Cahill
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