Being Psychic at Work Online Class begins 3/22/18

The ‘Being Psychic at Work’ 5 week class is offered through the Portland Psychic School, in the online class program.

Online Psychic @ Work Class at Portland Psychic School from William Pacholski on Vimeo.

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Class Description

Bring your psychic abilities into your daily job and create more of what you want at work and in your career!

Whether you have a job, business, or service that you offer, you can use your psychic abilities to create the kinds of experiences, environment, and results that work for you in your work.

Being psychic means having an awareness of energy, or spirit. When you consciously create with your spirit in your job, you change the energy in your job space, which results in your work life being a more satisfying and true fit for you.

You’ll learn how to ground your work and clear out energies that block you from creating what you want, as well as having your space in your work so that you don’t get run over by the energy of others you work with. Other topics covered include creating a vision for your work, as well as an updated definition of success and being seen. The tools and information from this class are designed to help you in your daily work.

You will learn tools and skills in this class to help you create a job you love:

  • SPACE: Have space for yourself with your work. Have your space with your clients, boss, employees, and the energy of competition.
  • AGREEMENTS: Create conscious agreements with everyone you work with.
  • CREATE: Consciously create with spirit in your job, and the energy in your job space becomes a more satisfying and true fit for you.
  • VALUE: Knowing your value and creating value at work.
  • LEAD: stepping up to be the leader you need/want to be.
  • VISION: Create and work with a vision for yourself and your work, as well as an updated definition of success and being seen.

Tuition for this class is $325; it is taught online so that students from around the world may participate in this class.

* Psychic Meditation is the pre-requisite for all of our trainings and specialty classes, and is the place to get started.  If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us via the form below.

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Video by William Pacholski

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