AOE 012: The Power of Hello

The Art of Energy Podcast is about awareness of energy, spiritual growth, healing, and being psychic.

You already create your life with energy, everyday. When you do it consciously, you create more of what you want. The Art of Energy Podcast was published beginning in May 2014 and ran for 42 episodes.

Episode #12 The Power of Hello

Your hello has a healing power for everyone you meet. The power of hello is consciousness. Saying hello to the spirit of the person you are greeting, without judgment, is one way to create peace.

You can also say hello to a dream, a wish, a possibility. If there is something you really want, saying hello to the possibility of it coming into existence can help you to create it.

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Mentioned in this episode of the Art of Energy Podcast

1. Say hello to yourself, and to your body, kindly.
2. Say hello to strangers, and to service workers who are giving you service.
3. Say hello to the things you’d like to see come into being: peace, happiness, healing, and more.

©Kris Cahill, Art of Energy Podcast
‘Goldfish’ ©Debi Cates

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