AOE 009: Communication and Your Inner Voice

The Art of Energy Podcast is about awareness of energy, spiritual growth, healing, and being psychic.

You already create your life with energy, everyday. When you do it consciously, you create more of what you want. The Art of Energy Podcast was published beginning in May 2014 and ran for 42 episodes.

#9 Communication and Your Inner Voice

This episode of the Art of Energy is about creating communication with yourself, and listening to your own inner voice. You gain by creating clear inner communication with yourself. How do you go about creating this for yourself?

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Mentioned in this episode of the Art of Energy Podcast

1. Meditation helps you create your communication with yourself.
2. Let go of needing to control, solve, or analyze what you are receiving in your communication with yourself.
3. Writing in a journal can help you create your inner communication.
4. Your communication center is your 5th chakra, located at the base of your throat.
5. Turn off the noise around you and allow yourself to experience silence.
6. Ask questions of yourself and listen to the answers.
7. Go for a walk. Leave your phone behind.
8. When you’re out in public, observe instead of getting lost in your smart phone.

©Kris Cahill, Art of Energy Podcast

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