A new day begins, and you get to choose

Today is another opportunity to get up, and then to wake up, and then to make a choice.

What are you choosing? How about this: what’s your energy for today? Will you find your own vibration, or will you match to the energy of others around you?

In other words, will you decide consciously, or will you allow it to be decided for you? You get to choose.

Choosing the energy you’ll wear for the day ahead is about being conscious. Just as you already choose which clothes to wear, what colors, jewelry, shoes, coat, you can choose the energy.

This is different from choosing how you’ll feel. You may feel great and choose the energy for your day, or you may feel not so great, and still choose. For example, say you wake up one morning feeling a bit melancholy. You can still choose to get up out of bed, get dressed for the day, and go to work, or school, or to your studio. You’re not letting the melancholy stop you, though it does affect your energy.

Now, take that a step further, into consciousness. You are still feeling melancholy, still deciding to get up and go, and if you also decide that the day is perfect as it is, and that so are you, you’re going to have a very different day than if you dive into the melancholy feeling and decide everything is bad.

You are making a choice, instead of deciding that such and such isn’t possible because of how you are feeling. You might also decide that it’s a great day to play hooky, and catch up on self care and sleep.

That can be a great choice too, and could result in you feeling much more energized, happy, and well cared for.

The point is that you are choosing, and your choice will affect your energy.

If you belong to a community or group that has specific rules its members must follow, you are often expected to match to the prevailing energy of that group. For example, corporate culture has very strict rules, down to what you wear, what you think, how you look, what you say.

Your permission levels are often set at the rules of the group, depending on your rank within the group of course. The energy has been set by something outside of yourself. You agree to it because you want to be there. It is a game you have chosen to play.

You’re used to this already, because the schools you went to were set up like this too. Even if you went to art school, as I did, which had more lenient rules, there was still a prevailing energy. From art school one graduates into the art world, which has Very Big Rules.

What do you have to do and be in order to succeed wildly in that art world? What if you’re just not it? Does that mean you can never succeed, or that you have the wrong energy?

A family can operate in a similar way, and so can a religion, neighborhood, club, or any group of people. In the schools you attended, you might have belonged to a certain group. Maybe you were a jock, or geek, or artist, or one of the smart kids. You gravitated towards those you fit in with best.

If your school had sharply delineated groups, you knew where you didn’t belong. Crossover between strictly defined groups has often been frowned upon, and sometimes harshly punished. The group will protect itself, so there is pressure to fit in.

In the eyes of some groups, if you don’t match, you are doing something wrong.

Not everyone fits in with the group they are part of to begin with. If you let the group’s demands stop you from being who you are, you won’t get to grow and become who you are. Your energy will be decided by the group.

The ones who don’t match to the prevailing energy, the weirdos and artists and inventors, are usually the ones creating something new.

This is because they are not afraid to step on the toes of the group, nor do they need its praise in order to create. They can do this because they have decided to follow their own internal muse, rather than match to outside energy.

Many people who create their own businesses do so because they choose to not match to the prevailing energy set by a corporate entity, or a boss of any kind. This is how the economy is being recreated now.

When you step onto your own path and decide for yourself, the rules of the groups around you do not control what you can create. It takes a lot of nerve and guts to do this, often because the groups you belonged to will not validate this kind of group busting behavior.

This is the way we grow, evolve, and change. This is necessary.

When you decide how you will set your own vibration, you will stand out from the crowd. When you decide it’s okay to do that, you decide so much more. You inspire others to do the same.

The old rules are changing daily. Even so, we still have quite a lot of the old programming to release, and it can feel really scary to have so many new choices available to us.

This is all about energy, and about spiritual growth.

Life is energy, and we are each made of energy. We are all swimming in a big sea of energy. Every decision you make affects the energy you handle in your life, and the same goes for me. Evolution is energy, and so is resistance to evolution.

Energy is present in every aspect of life. When you become aware of the energy around you, and learn which energy you can control and which isn’t your problem, you make your own life easier.

You have many different opportunities throughout each day to create, in each moment, by being aware of energy.

So how do you do this, especially in a very busy life and world? Choose to create a daily practice of some kind for yourself, in order to open yourself up to your own spirit, and become more conscious of the energy around you. Meditation is one of the best tools you can use for this, and I highly recommend that you practice it daily.

Other good tools include yoga, breathing, quiet time, writing, exercise, talking to spiritually aware people you know, reading books about spiritual growth, and any other practices that help you get in touch with your spirit and your own truth.

©Kris Cahill
‘Albino Peacock’ ©James Kelly

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