10 ways to listen to your intuition

Listening to your intuition helps you to know the answer, receive the information, and find the person or object that you’ve been looking for.

Your intuition is a valuable ally in your life, one that helps you create more of what you do want, and avoid the things you don’t. When you listen to your intuition, you’re working with your powerful spirit.

10 simple ways to listen to your intuition

1. Make it fun, play with your intuition. Ask “I wonder”… then listen. “I wonder” is a helpful sentence. It opens the door to discovery. When you think you know everything, or it’s all too familiar to you, it’s hard to learn anything new. Get in the habit of asking your intuition for information. Make it into a game you play every day.

2. No effort is the right amount. Keep it simple. Ask and receive. Listen and listen some more. Don’t slip into trying to make sense of the answer you get.

3. Self-validate when your intuition works for you. Congratulate yourself when your intuition works – hooray! If you need others to constantly validate your intuition, you’ll lose your ability to do it for yourself.

4. Don’t explain. This means you don’t have to explain how your intuition helped you to find your answer, or make a decision. When you try to make sense to others, you run the risk of invalidating your own intuition.

5. No over thinking it. We are all trained to think our way through life. Critical thinking is a good skill to have, but an over-dependence on your analytical mind will lead to an imbalance inside of you where you don’t trust your other abilities.

6. Listen the first time. It’s this simple: you’re driving down the street wondering where to turn, and a small inner voice says “turn left up ahead”, or you feel it. Listen.

7. Don’t ask for back-ups. If you need others to validate your intuition for you, it won’t work. You’re the only one who gets to be in charge of your intuition.

8. Your intuition works when you work it. If you’re afraid to bring your intuition out every day, reserving it for weekends or vacations, you may never learn what a valuable tool it can be when life gets complicated and you’re trying to find your way through a problem.

9. Meditate daily. One of the best habits you can pick up is the meditation habit. Meditation helps you access your intuition as well as other abilities contained within you, the being.

10. Trust your body. Your body is filled with wisdom. When you learn to listen to the information your body is sending you, you’ll have greater access to your intuition and other abilities.

When you learn to trust your own intuition, you gain a valuable tool that helps you navigate your way through any situation in your life. This priceless tool is available to you anytime. You don’t need anyone else to give you permission to have your intuition, just yourself.

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