‘Trust Yourself’ prerecorded guided meditation

The Weekly Meditation Series: Trust Yourself

The ‘Trust Yourself’ guided meditation is about creating an environment of self trust, from the inside out. How do you create a daily dialogue of trust within you?

This pre-recorded guided meditation will help you release any energy you’ve been holding onto that stops you from truly listening to and trusting yourself, and create a new vibration of trust within.

More about trusting yourself:

Your own energy is the most healing energy you can have within you, but if it has been invalidated in the past, it may not feel good to you. You may be more afraid of trusting yourself and your choices as a result. Learning to trust yourself may be the place you are learning and growing right now. This meditation can help you to take a step forward in the direction of self-trust.

This meditation is for all levels of meditation experience, and is 34 minutes long. Find the ‘Trust Yourself’ meditation here.

My online class site has guided meditations and a workshop ready now for you to work with, from any device with an internet connection. This means you can take a class with me from anywhere on earth, at any time!

The Weekly Meditation is published early in the week at KrisCahillClasses.com, and is a short guided meditation you can listen to through any device with an internet connection.

I work from an energy theme or topic each week, which I’ve already ‘read’ as a psychic. I look at various ways to work within the energy of that theme, including my blog, recordings, classes, and readings.

My energy themes focus on topics such as spiritual growth, being psychic, self healing, and meditation. The writings on this blog are the themes I like to work within, and I always welcome suggestions from my readers, so please feel free to leave yours.

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