Spiritual Activism

Inside gentleness there is great strength

Inside gentleness there is great strength

Gentleness is sometimes mistakenly interpreted as weakness. To a culture that prides itself on its show of strength, people who prefer to work in a gentle way are seen as being weak: unable to protect, defend, or fight for themselves. The prevailing wisdom in our […]

Destruction is not an enemy, but a gift

Destruction is not an enemy, but a gift

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now that destruction is a recurring and uncontrollable part of life. So is creation, but destruction is the energy that gets the bad rap. Destruction is judged as a negative, an unnecessary evil, and it often gets mixed up with […]

What optimism does for us

On this 4th of July, this anniversary of a revolution in these United States, I’m inspired to share one of my favorite quotes about the political act of optimism, and how being optimistic even in dark times helps us evolve and grow. I would add […]

Who broke the rules?

One of my recent posts, ‘Who made the rules you follow?’, examined some of the unwritten social rules that we follow, both consciously and unconsciously. These rules are agreements by which we live our lives. As we have seen throughout human history, breaking a social […]

Who made the rules you follow?

How very fortunate we are to have so many of us here. What fun it can be to hang out with friends and family, bounce ideas off of each other, share our lives and our thoughts, and be part of a group of people, a […]

The sounds of life

What if people sang out loud, just because they felt like it? What if this was a normal thing to do, to express one’s feelings with music instead of judging whether one was ‘good enough’ to be allowed to do so? What would it be […]

It takes nerve to work for peace

Do you have the nerve to demand peace from yourself? People who have the nerve to want peace enough to end their inner wars, will be on the front lines of peace. The fight for peace begins within each of us. Did you know that […]

Bring your spirit to the revolution

Many years ago, when I was in my 20’s, my friends and I would talk about the revolution that was to come. We believed that things weren’t right, there was so much pain on earth, and that the coming revolution would make everything fair and […]

Non-resistance is on the table

You already know the feeling, sometimes all too well. You just don’t want to be around a certain someone who really bugs you. However, circumstances dictate that you must be in the presence of this person from time to time – perhaps you are related, […]

The transformational power of love

The energy of love has great power to transform each human being on this planet. So does the energy of hate. In order to work its magic, love needs human beings to agree to have it, be it, become it. In order to work its […]