When you show up to do the work

When you show up to do the work

When you show up to do the work of becoming you, you begin to put your energy back into yourself, and into your life. This is when you invest in your own future, as well as your present. When you do this, you are able […]

You create your world

You come from this earth. This is your world, and it also belongs to every other being on it. (Yes, even the mosquitos.) The earth is endlessly bountiful, generously providing us with enough riches to support a whole world full of living beings. You have […]

Be the star of your own life

Some people believe there’s not much to see when you look at them. They don’t imagine that they can be the star of anything. They picture themselves as being small and plain, without much talent or ability at anything special. They constantly compare themselves to […]

Validation from within gets you where you want to be

If you want it to be real for you, you’ve got to find your validation from within yourself. Validation is a spiritual vibration that affects you on every level, but especially in your emotions. You can feel validation from within. Validation is not an intellectual […]

On making psychic predictions

Some psychics proudly proclaim their accuracy in making psychic predictions. There is a great demand for predictions about the future, especially when everything is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up. People want to know what’s going to happen next, and when. Human […]

Who (or what) is in charge of your prosperity?

Are you the one who decides your prosperity? Prosperity is a spiritual energy, one that you can decide for yourself. What you create with your spirit, leads into the rest of your life. When you work consciously on creating your pictures of what prosperity means […]

What do you do when you’re feeling stuck?

You may have had the opportunity to experience what it’s like to feel stuck. If so, you know the feeling: nothing is working. You are failing, and things are falling apart. All of your efforts are in vain. You can’t seem to get out of […]

How can you increase your value?

How can you increase your value?

Is it you who gets to decide that you have value? Or have you been waiting for others to see it first? If you allow your value to be determined for you by the judgments or standards of others, you may want to rethink this […]

Healing the spirit for over 40,000 years

The evolution of the human spirit is the evolution of creativity, and of art. Art has been healing the spirit for over 40,000 years now. Art speaks to the spirit. When you work from your spirit, you and your life are more in line with […]

The space between notes allows music to be heard

It’s easier than ever to fill your daily schedule with a long list of tasks to accomplish before the day’s end. It’s simpler than ever to fill up all the available space with more and more of everything: things to do, acquire, learn, know, accomplish. […]