Being Psychic With Your Money is now an online class

NEW: Being Psychic With Your Money is now available as an online class.

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Description: Everything is energy, including your money. When you consciously work with the energy of your money, you change the way it works for you.

This psychic meditation workshop will teach you how to create space for having your true wealth and abundance.

You’ll learn how to ground and own your money space, and to make more room for your true abundance. This is a practical workshop, and you will learn tools that you can use in your life every day.

* FOCUS: Learn to direct your energy consciously towards creating more of what you want in your money space.

* SPACE: Have space for yourself with your money, and create the space for your money to help it work better for you. This makes it easier for you to consciously work on the energy in your money space.

* EMOTIONS: Have an awareness of how your emotions are stirred up by money, and how your emotions around money affect your ability to make and have money.

* GROUND: Ground your money and learn how to work with the energy you handle with money. Make it more real for you, in the way you’d like for it to be.

* MANIFEST: What is your money mock-up? Does it include a happy fun peaceful relationship with money as a resource, rather than the controlling influence over your life? Create a conscious mock-up in your money space.

Join psychic Kris Cahill for a workshop about using your psychic abilities with your money. When you become conscious and aware of the energies in and around your money space, you can more easily create and manifest what you want with your money.

Being psychic means having an awareness of energy, or spirit. When you consciously create with your spirit in your money space, you change the energy, which helps you heal your own relationship with money.

Money is a symbol, a tool, and a resource. Money is energy, and you can consciously use energy to work with your own money.

This psychic meditation workshop is good for all levels of meditation experience. 2 hours, $30.00.
See this class in my online class site and sign up for it here.

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